Ghost ships are apparitions of a ship. Although there are few reports of such phenomena, one, the Flying Dutchman is a very well-known ghost ship.

The S.S. Ourang Medan.Edit

In June of 1947 the Silver Star receaved an S.O.S. message from the radio operater of the Ourang Medan. The message said: S.O.S. All officers inclueding the captain are dead. Whole crew are dead. A second message was sent saying: I die. Then the message goes dead. The Silver Star then traced the message and found the Ourang Medan on the waters of Indonesia. The Silver Star sent out a boarding party. They boarded the ship and found the whole crew dead. They were all found frozen and most were found laying on their backs with their mouths open and arms out forword and they had the look of fear on their faces. Even their dog was found frozen and laying on it's back. The radio operater was found frozen in his chair. The boarding party was about to tie the ship to the Silver Star so they could take it to land. But a fire broke out and they left the ship. The ship then explodes and sinks. What killed the crew of the Ourang Medan is still unknown. The photos of the frozen dead bodies are still top secret.

The Octavius.Edit

The Octavius left Englind in 1761 and sailed to the arctic. The Octavius was found near Greenland in October 11 of 1775 by the Whaler Herald. A five maned boarding party then boarded the ship and on the 28 floor they found the entire crew frozen. They found the captain frozen in his cabin with his pen still in his hand and his log book infront of him. There they also found a woman and a child covered in a blanket and a sailor holding a tinderbox. The last entery in the captain's log was on November 11, 1762. The crew had been frozen in the arctic for 13 years. The boarding party only took that page of the log book. The book slipped from the binding and fell onto the floor. The boarding party then left the Octavius.

The Octavius is still sailing out there somewhare in the ocean waiting to be found again.