New Lands, published in 1925, was Charles Fort's second nonfiction book. Dealing mainly with astronomy, it is now regarded as his worst book, and many of his ideas have dated badly. It does, however, introduce one of his best known ideas: the Super-Sargasso Sea, an otherwordly depository of mysteriously appearing and disappearing objects.


Fort did not title his chapters; the following list is a synopsis of chapter contents:

  1. By way of an introduction.
  2. Neptune; the asteroids
  3. Periodicity
  4. Algol and Sirius
  5. Transits of Venus - errors
  6. On finding what you want to find
  7. Spectroscopy; Saturn
  8. Speed of light; astronomical distances
  9. Triangulation
  10. Kepler and Newton
  11. Stellar companions; disappearing and changing stars; the leonids
  12. Theorising
  13. A list of assorted anomalous events, including sky sounds
  14. Lights on the Moon; lights on other planets.
  15. Sky sounds; explosions in the sky; seed rains
  16. Crossings of the Sun
  17. Crossings of the Sun and Moon
  18. People in the sky; Mirages of cities
  19. Lights in the sky
  20. Lights on the moon; objects on the Moon
  21. Mars, Mercury and Venus
  22. Explosions and gunshots in the sky; Essex earthquake
  23. During eclipses of the moon
  24. Baltic mirages; object seen during eclipse; Falling rocks of Servia; earthquakes of Reading
  25. Regular lights in the sky
  26. Moving lights in the sky
  27. People in the sky; lightning from a clear sky
  28. Lights on Mars; things on the moon; venus; mystery airships
  29. Detonations
  30. Flying and falling objects
  31. Lightning; sheep scares; ghost moons and mirages; mirage of Bristol;
  32. Venus; L'Astre Cherbourg; Reading
  33. Meteor crater, Arizona
  34. Mars; more lights and earthquakes; Reading
  35. British airship; Canadian objects
  36. Mystery shots; more airships; Moon things; disappearing aeroplane; Reading; quakes
  37. Theorising
  38. Falling rocks of Chico; falls of organic matter.