A UFO occupant is an unknown being reportedly seen inside, or close to, an unidentified flying object. Nearly always, the being is humanoid. Occupants can occur singly or in a small group. they vary wildly in appearance, although most conform to one of a small set of types.

Types of occupantEdit

  • Gray - short, hairless and with a large head and large, black eyes, grays have a sinister reputation, and from the 1980s onwards dominated reports of occupants.
  • Space brother - tall, slender, benevolent and often blond, the space brothers played a major role in contactee literature in the 1950s and 1960s; they were almost a polar opposite to the grays in both appearance and behaviour.
  • Robot - although rare, a few reports of robot-like beings are known. It is of note that they resemble the robots depicted in science fiction more than the robots seen in factories.